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 Believe. Connect. Achieve 

Believe Therapy was started out of true belief and passion that wellness and lifestyle change are a deep part of Occupational Therapy. Understanding all there is to know about the client; listening, understanding, getting oneself out of the way in order to provide a wholesome person-centred occupational therapy approach that fits with your lifestyle is our focus. At Believe Alysha may intertwine yoga, mindfulness and breath work with occupational therapy to enhance experience, connection, healing and goal attainment. 

If we struggle to understand and connect to ourselves we can become blind to stress, anxiety or blockages in our physical and mental being; it all starts from within. It is common for children to struggle to explain how they are feeling to their caregivers. At believe we focus on helping children to feel calm and happy from within to enable focus, engagement, achievement and joy from daily activities. 

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