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Mother and Daughter Yoga
Yoga : Text

 W H A T  I S  Y O G A ?

Yoga is a complete discipline that engages mind, body and soul. Using the breath, body and mind withdrawal/meditation we follow a practice that enables one to find fulfilment within. Most of us look to other things in the world for happiness, health and fulfilment yet all we need is right within us. Yoga can help us to release stress and find calm and peace mentally, emotionally and physically.

S P E C I A L  Y O G A 

At Believe Therapy yoga sessions are based on Special Yoga methodology which can be described as a therapeutic approach to yoga. During the session a variety of approaches and techniques can be used such as breath work, massage, postures, relaxation, yoga song or positive affirmations. Each class will be developed upon meeting and connecting with the child and their family and can be different each time depending on the child's needs. Believe Therapy focus on helping children to feel calm and happy from within. Meanwhile we enable children to develop positive coping strategies, emotional resilience and skills to self-regulate. The skills and techniques developed can then be used to enable focus, participation, achievement and help children experience joy from daily activities. 

This approach yoga means that it is suitable for all children with any special needs; there is never any expectations put upon the child or family and the environment is calm and peaceful. Focus is put on holding a safe space to connect with the child and help them to feel calm and safe and know that we are present in that moment for them, it is then the practice can unfold and we work in a partnership to enable the child to have control over their well-being, actions and reactions. 

Y O G A  A N D  S T R E S S

So often stress is accumulated day by day and built up in the body and mind over years and years, if we never allow ourselves to relax and release stress can cause severe mental and physical illness and have a negative impact on our daily functions and wellbeing. You may even be experiencing stress and not know as it is often seen as a normal part of daily life so we just 'brush' is off and get on with the day. 


The asana practice is used to purify the body yet must be performed with complete awareness otherwise you are just doing gymnastics or contortionist! The 8 limbs of yoga act as a guideline and explain 8 steps to follow in order to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. If you are interested in the philosophy of yoga and would like a deeper understanding this is a great article:

B E N E F I T S  O F  Y O G A

There are so many benefits of practicing yoga; each will be of different importance to the individual. 

Some common benefits include relaxation, tension release, improved sleep, calming anxiety and reducing depression, building self-awareness and emotional wellbeing. 

Here is mother great article for more information on the benefits of yoga: 

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