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What is Occupational Therapy?

Let me start by explaining what occupation means...

Occupation refers to what we do to occupy our time. We all engage in daily occupations which give us meaning, value and purpose in life. These daily occupations have an impact on both our mental and physical health and our well-being. 

Occupational therapists are unique in the way that we use occupation as therapy. Working with each individual in a person centred and holistic way helps us to break down and work together to assist you to believe and achieve in yourself and in life. We may offer advice, strategies and adaptations to occupations or therapy programmes to assist you to reach your goals.

 Occupational Therapists work with all people in all areas and our focus is to enable clients to participate and engage in meaningful occupations.

It is the engagement and participation in occupations that has a direct influence on our health and well-being which in turn impacts our potential and ability to achieve. 

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