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A Holistic Approach to Wellness

What is occupational therapy and how can it help my child? Occupation refers to anything that 'occupies' our time. Occupational Therapists focus on occupation as the driving force for assessment, intervention and goal setting. Children often thrive in some occupations yet require a flexible approach to help them succeed at others. This may include handwriting, balancing, gross motor skills like playing games such as catch or football. Daily self care skills such as dressing and washing, or they may struggle to concentrate and focus at school often getting called naughty or lazy. Every day we all engage in numerous occupations, some come naturally to us and some we have to work harder at or focus a bit more, it is no different for children.

Believe Therapy work with all children diagnosis or not. We focus on what is meaningful and important to the child what it is that brings joy, what makes them thrive and how we can aid them to be happy and calm. 

Children's Occupational Therapy: Welcome

All children deserve to feel happy, calm and safe. 

We believe in enabling children to participate and engage in meaningful occupations so they can achieve and live life to it's fullest. 

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