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Believe Therapy

Childen's Occupational Therapy

Children's Occupational Therapy incorporating techniques from yoga, breath work and mindfulness to help calm and focus so children can reach their potential and join in with meaningful activities.

Boy Coloring

Believe Yoga

Adult Yoga, Children's 1:1 Special Yoga

As well as using yoga techniques within our OT sessions Special Yoga is also available as a stand alone sessions, this includes 1:1 children's yoga, family yoga and adult group yoga. Arrive with no exceptions and just 'be'lieve. Classes are accessible and adaptable depending on the clients needs.

Yoga Class

Believe Therapy

Sensory Integration 

Coming Soon

Does your child get overwhelmed or over-stimulated by sensory in-put from the environment around them? Or perhaps you see that they are often under-stimulated and appear 'switched off' or actively seek out sensory in-put. 

Get in touch for further information or an initial consultation.

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